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Rainy days are the best days to sleep in and lounge around the house. However this past weekend I decided I would change things up a bit and use the weather to my advantage to bring to you this latest post. 

This is a shirt I bought last spring from J Crew and I love the fact that it is thin enough to wear under thicker sweaters and still doesn’t look bulky. The chambray shirt goes with literally anything you want to pair it with. It is the ultimate piece and a must have in your closet! I paired it with this gorgeous sweater I bought a couple months ago online and could not stop thinking about it until I put the idea to use. Needless to say, I have been pleased ever since! 

This sling is from Cole Haan (2013) and it is perfect for any last-second outing. This style is no longer available at the store but they have similar styles in more bright colors coming out later on in the spring/summer. 

The rain coat I got for an amazing price because there were only two left and they were about to send it off to the factory store to make room for the new upcoming season. 

Chambray Shirt: J. Crew || Sweater: J. Crew || Pants: Gap || Jewelry: Ann Taylor ||

Shoes: L.L. Bean || Sling: Cole Haan || Rain Coat: Cole Haan

Thanks for viewing my blog!

Posted by:Ashley Holford

Nashville Blogger sharing and doing what I love, "Inspiring others".

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