I chose this outfit because I was immediately drawn to this sweater oddly enough, this is something I would not normally wear. But I said to myself I would give it a try. I started to think what I could do to jazz this sweater up some. “Black skirt, too boring.”, “pants, nah, not a fan.” “This tweed white and black skirt–winner winner!” I love this look for it being so modern and classic, but also fun as well. 

There are a billion patterns out there, but I’ve found that there are four patterns that are the easiest to mix together: stripes, floral, leopard, and polka dots. Any combination of these four patterns is pretty much bound to work and if not, let me know! 

Black and whites mix very easily and I’ve rarely seen two black and white prints that didn’t look good together. 

Btw.. These shoes are a must have! The color is called Blooming Rose and it is way more gorgeous in person. Not only is the color fun and flirty they are very comfortable and that’s something that is not found in a lot of heels. 

Top: Ann Taylor || Skirt: Ann Taylor|| Shoes: Ann Taylor

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