Hi, everyone.

Hope you all are having a great week! Happy Friday and first day of F A L L! OMG, why has this weather turned a complete 180 on us. A couple weeks ago it was getting very chilly and I thought we were getting an early fall and now it’s back to being hot and miserable. I think I’m ready for the little cooler spells.

Not sure about you all, but I am so ready for this weekend, I have a couple of fun events going on tonight and this weekend and it just makes me want to fast forward to those events, and then the time can slow back down. *Fun update: I turned the big 2-8 last weekend and I still cannot believe it. I’m hoping 28 brings so much more fun and excitement and l-e-s-s stress!

Y’all, So I’ve slowly noticed the craziest thing. I’m becoming a sweater junkie or hoarder. I never really realized this at all until I started folding my sweaters and the place I use to keep all of them no longer fits. I think I am in need of a closet cleanse. I might start selling some of my sweaters, so, stay tuned!!

On a more exciting note: I love this new sweater I got from Joyee Boutique. I recently discovered her on Instagram when she was running her Labor Day sale and decided to check it out. I got this sweater for $15 Y’all! Like talk about a steal, and it was regularly around $65.


Photography: Dixie Gaultney


Sweater: Joyee Boutique || Jeans: Abercrombie || Shoes: Macy’s || Watch: kate spade

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Posted by:Ashley Holford

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5 replies on “Fringe Benefits

  1. Happy birthday Ashley🎂 28 seems so young to Me now, haha! I absolutely love the sweater on you. So cute for fall. It goes so well with the jeans and fun shoes. Have fun this weekend, hugs, Terri xo.


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