A jumpsuit with a little extra flair!


The countdown begins on my much needed vacation (4 days left, to be exact)! This is going to feel like the longest week ever just because I leave on Saturday. I already woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and was so happy only to realized it was only Tuesday. Talk about major disappointment! Never-the-less I am just going to keep trucking along.

Summer is here and this Nashville weather is now hotter than EVER, and what better item to wear than this jumpsuit with slits down the middle to help cool you off.. maybe. I honestly think this is going to be our hottest summer yet and I am dreading every bit of it.

I am usually a size XS, but in this jumpsuit it only came sizes (Small-Large). The only thing I had to alter was the sides about an inch on both sides, other than that it fits pretty true to size.


Jumpsuit: Lizard Thicket || Shoes: Dillard’s || Jewelry: Ann Taylor

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Posted by:Ashley Holford

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