hey, everyone! Spring has finally come and Summer will be here before you know it! If you’re like me, you probably haven’t started or had even been worried about swimsuit season. I must say, I have been partaking in my favorite past time: eating cookies, drinking wine and catching up on my favorite TV shows with my girls.


Last week, I decided that tonight’s the night! I did a few ab workouts, but then I ultimately wanted to start the BBG Fitness. BBG stands for “Bikini Body Guide” and I have been hearing nothing but great things about these workouts. The program is built around intense 28-minute workouts three days a week. That’s it! They’re broken down into arms and abs, legs, and full body.

During a workout, you’ll have two circuits, each with four moves, for which you’ll do a certain number of reps. You repeat circuit one as many times as you can within seven minutes at your own pace. You’ll take a one-minute break and do the same thing with circuit two, which will be a new set of four exercise moves. After completing circuit two, you start over and do both again.

Who’s with me?? Every Friday I will post the workout on here for you to participate with me! Below I have week 1 of the BBG workouts. Since this is something I will post only on Friday’s you don’t have to pay attention the “actual” day on there.

Thanks for viewing my blog!

Hope we can start seeing results together in the next couple of weeks.

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