hey, everyone. You already know what time it is! As we continue this journey together on getting “fit” or even just becoming more active, what are some of your long-term and/or short-term goals you plan to accomplish with becoming more active? 

I know one of my short-term goals is just setting out more time to be able to go to the gym or do a few workouts at home. My schedule is crazy every week, so without a calendar event going off and reminding me to go to this place or do this, I’m basically lost or it’s as good as forgotten.

This weeks’ workout is just a repeat of week 1. If you need a refresher of what we did the week before, click the link above to take you to the first weeks’ workout. If you are interested in trying a new workout this week, try this one starting with day 1 below.

Let’s get fit together!

Thanks for viewing my blog!

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Posted by:Ashley Holford

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