A cool thing about being a tourist in your own town, you can go home and sleep in the comfort of your own place. As much as Nashville has grown these past few months, it’s sometimes hard to not feel like a tourist when new places are popping up every day. A few tips I discovered in “being a tourist in your own town” are listed below:

Embrace Your Inner Tourist

Let’s start with the obvious. To embrace your inner tourist you first need to shake off any notion that being a tourist is somehow wrong. You’ll need to forget everything you know about what is cool in your hometown, cast aside routine and be ready and willing to get tacky if necessary. When deciding how to fill your weekend think, “what would a tourist do?” Going to your ‘regular’ bar, shopping centre or curry house is not allowed under any circumstances!

Taking pictures in front of murals or fun buildings.

I feel like this is something I already do lol. Murals in Nashville have recently become popular and it’s always an exciting day when you stumble upon a new mural you haven’t seen around your city.

Take a stroll and walk around the town.

This is something my husband and I love to do, especially after a big meal. After walking around for a while we are always finding a new place to go the next time we go out. Some great places to take a stroll around town I found were: 12th South area and downtown Franklin. We love the 12th South area specially because you cannot go wrong with any restaurant on that strip.


Google, “Fun things to do in Nashville” or head over to Nashvilleguru.com to find places to eat, drink or even shop. Everything is also divided by days, so it provides happy hours and other fun Nashville knowledge.

Join a tour

I have seen these Nashville tour buses all over now. I think it may be interesting to go and see what other people recommend in Nashville to do or visit.

Wine Tasting

It’s always good day/night when you discover a new wine you like. Why not find a vineyard to go to and check out the types of wine in your own city. I love the wine at Arrington and it’s nice to know it’s made right in your hometown.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to be a tourist in your own city, have fun! Also, remember to ask yourself, “what would a tourist do?”

Photographer: Dixie Gaultney


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5 replies on “Being a Tourist in Your Own Town

  1. Great post! I love this especially because I’m a Washington DC native but never really explored or appreciated anything about it until I got older…I had never even walked the national mall! Now I live in Sicily and I miss it so much.


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