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Hope you are doing well. Congrats again to all of you lucky winners: the one that received $100 as well as everyone that entered into the contest and received $25 (just for entering) towards their own JORD watch.

I wanted to bring to you all my new favorite summer jeans and top. These high-waisted jeans from J.Crew which are super comfortable and almost remind me of a boyfriend jean, but slightly more fitted. I feel like I never really wear jeans anymore because 1. I can’t wear them at my job. 2. I sometimes forget they’re in my closet almost because I hardly wear them.

Now this top. The breezy-ness of this top is unreal. I’m not really sure if “breezy-ness” is really a word, but we’re going to use it today. This lightweight almost linen top keeps you extremely cool in this extreme heat that we’ve been having. I wore this outfit one weekend and had nothing but cool vibes coming my way.

I am still so in love with this JORD watch and the fact that it literally goes with everything in my wardrobe. If you don’t already have one, this needs to be something on your top list to get for yourself or as a gift.

Photography: Dixie Gaultney


Top: Molly Green || Jewelry (necklace and bracelet): Ann Taylor (old favorite) || Watch: JORD watches c/o || Jeans: J.Crew || Purse: Kate Spade (old favorite)

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5 replies on “High-Waisted Jeans and Crop Top

  1. Awww…high-waisted jeans! I’m sure I have a few in my closet. Thanks Ashley for letting me know it’s cool to wear them again. You look fabulous!!


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