Hi, everyone!

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July with friends and family. I know I ate until I couldn’t possibly move anymore! I know, no will power! 😐 Especially since I’m going to be on the beach next week.. MAYBE!

Ok, so I haven’t told you all yet that I’m going to Jamaica next week for vacation, BUT I haven’t received my passport and my flight leaves Monday morning. 😩 Talk about major anxiety crisis! Long story short, my passport picture was “too old” so I had to send in another one. I sent that in last week and it’s still not showing up in the system. So, now I call them in the morning and the evening to see what is up because I need this thing like yesterday! Ugh!

On a more positive note, how cute is this floral romper set?! I mean talk about being totally perfect for my trip or even just around town. I stumbled upon, well not really stumbled upon, I follow them on instagram and decided to check out the little shop. It is in this super cute area in Nashville

I’m really loving these matching set outfits. For one, they’re easy. They don’t really take too much effort to put together unless you just want to put them with something else, but I mean, why would you if it’s something this cute!

Photography: Dixie Gaultney

My photographer is truly the greatest, she’s so sweet and takes amazing photos. If you have any upcoming events, definitely check out her site!


||Crop top set: The Mill shop || Jewelry: Ann Taylor and Chloe & Isabel || Watch: kate spade || Shoes: kate spade, newer version (here) || Purse: kate spade; old version, similar (here)||

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One thought on “Floral crop top set 

  1. Oh my gosh I hope your passport turns up Ashley ASAP!! I hear Jamaica is so nice and I know the people are so friendly from having friends who come from there. The romper is super cute on you! the floral print is lovely matched with all your accessories. Dixie got some really great photos of you, send compliments to her, Have a great weekend Dear, hugs, Terri xoxo.


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