Cover up: J.Crew || Sunnies: Loft

Hi, everyone!

I have been longing for a good break from work and it’s finally here, I am officially in a “summer state of mind”. Living carefree with no worries on my mind and the only things I think about are what time we’re headed to the beach and who is going to get up to get the next pina colada. Perfect, right? I have really considered changing our flights so that we could just stay for a couple more days in paradise.

Towel: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Clutch: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Earrings: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Swimsuit: Target || Sunnies: Loft ||

I love how the Aubree P. Boutique got me summertime ready for my trip! From tops, to dresses, to fun beach towels, tassel earrings and clutches. Needless to say, this is a one stop shop for all your fashion needs. I had a sneak peak of some of her fall collection and it is EVERYTHING. If you have not heard of this boutique, click here to view her Instagram shop or here for her Facebook page.

**Make sure you stay tuned for my next post. I am giving away a pair of tassel earrings from her shop!

Top: Aubree P. Boutique c/o ||Earrings: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Shorts: Loft || Sandals: Ann Taylor || Sunnies: Loft
Dress: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Earrings: Aubree P. Boutique c/o || Sandals: Ann Taylor

The extra hours during the summer mean there’s more time to bask in the sun. I can definitely say I got my full dose of Vitamin D and more.

What really is a summer state of mind??

Well, at it’s most literal, it’s long days of daylight, barbecues and picnics, laying out by the beach or pool, and summer vacations.  But really it’s just a mindset. It’s no wonder that even when we’re all grown up, leading responsible lives, we still see summer as a time to slow down the pace and step up enjoyment of life.

|| Sunnies: Loft ||
Jumpsuit: J. Crew || Sandals: kate spade (last years, newer version here)


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