Hi, Y’all,

Hope you all had an amazing New Year! This year we had a New Years Eve party at our apartment and it was a blast. We were in our comfy PJs with friends and we all created vision boards for what we would like to see in 2018. After each person was done, we presented our visions. It was such a great experience to see and hear your friends and loved one’s visions that way we can all hold each other accountable. After that, we all fell asleep because we are all getting old and cannot stay up past 1:00 a.m. anymore! lol

Below is my list of 2018 goals:

1. Get a house!

2. Can’t stop, won’t stop grinding- Keep pushing toward my career goals.

3. Read more and being more informed about the world

4. Blog more- I’ve been slacking lately, so I’m going to try and do better this year.

5. Workout more, abs for 2018 💪🏽

6. Go on a mission trip- It could be one in the States, but I would LOVE to go on one outside of the country.

7. Eat healthier- No, ice cream for dinner and an assortment of junk food doesn’t count.

8. Build stronger relationships with family, friends, and God

9. Work harder on my Ugly Christmas Sweater business- I got real sales this year, hoping to get more this year! Link here. 10. Organize my closet- I feel like this needs to be done seasonally, but nonetheless, it needs to get organized soon because it is getting out of hand.

11. Put all of these yoga clothes to use- I am famous for buying yoga pants/tops all the time thinking that it’ll motivate me, but they have become the best athleisure outfits to run errands! haha

12. Possibly a baby Holford- We’re talking about toward the end of the year.. MAYBE

These are my goals for 2018, I’m sure there will be more throughout the year, but for now, these will do! What are your goals?

Thanks for viewing my blog!

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Posted by:Ashley Holford

Nashville Blogger sharing and doing what I love, "Inspiring others".

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