I quite frankly don’t care if it’s just me, but I am LOVING the backpack purse. I truly didn’t think this type of purse would be me, but once I tried this on I saw the convenience of shopping and how easy day to day life would be.

I mean, how could you not help but to love these bags. Total hands free and a generous size bag to stuff more junk then you thought you could. *shoulder shrug* My favorite way to wear this bag is just with one strap, but you can also carry it with the top strap which is comfortable or even the classic “backpack” way with both straps.

Have you ever been in a store trying on shoes quickly in an aisle and bend over to pick up the shoe and your bag comes swinging at your face? Well not anymore with any backpack chic. What’s also so nice about this bag is that I’ve actually have been more organized with this bag more than any other bag that I have carried.

I’m still very aware of the “crazies” that might have the urge to try and unzip your bag if you’re in a long line or just out in a large congested group of people. So that’s why I tend to wear the one strap and have the zippers on the side where I can easily access and see.

Bag Details: here || My other favorite: here

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Posted by:Ashley Holford

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