Some of you may know that I used to work in a Professional School and just over a year ago I made the switch to something completely different. I no longer have to wear a business professional wardrobe.

I also worked part time at Ann Taylor and that fulfilled my wardrobe needs and then some! At the time whenever I went shopping I felt like I was always reaching for “work clothes” and never any weekend or off work clothes. For some reason I had to always get more new clothes for work whenever an important seminar was upcoming so you could say I had the ultimate closet for that.

Now fast forward to now, a year later.. What does one wear now that I don’t have to wear pressed slacks/skirt and a blazer? Why jeans and tees of course. This type of wardrobe literally takes no matching, no over thinking, it’s just very stress free. Since then, I feel like my style has changed significantly. I’m not shopping at the same stores. A couple of my new favorite places to shop are Free People and American Threads, but I still love my Kate Spade dresses. Since then also Kate has become a little more edgy and not so much Derby/Tea Party like.

My style in my opinion has changed to more.. boho feel. I’ve always loved a good print, but more flowy and comfy. I’m more confident, I’m loving the skin that I am in. I’m not sure if age is playing a role in this now, but I love this “new” me. I would say having this new style almost makes me want to be a minimalist. I don’t want or feel like I need all the clothes I had in the past.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: here || Shoes: here ||

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