Hope you all are having a great Sunday! I wanted to share some exciting news with you all. *drum rolls*

I’ve partnered with Beautycounter for safer beauty!

I started using the products a few months ago and the results that I saw in that short amount of time were astounding. I looked more into these products and comparing them to the products that I was using already and I knew that I had to start making the switch.

I chose to become a consultant because I wanted to start educating my friends and family on the importance of safer skin care. For example, did you know that the UK has banned 1,400 ingredients and the US has only banned 30 ingredients. So if you were to go to a MAC in the UK, your products would be safer than if you bought them at the MAC in the US because of the different restrictions.

A little bit about Beautycounter, the company started back in 2013 so it’s still fairly new, but they were the top googled brand in 2018 for the US. They build their brand on three platforms: safe, innovative and high performing products. Which means, they perform just as good as anything you can find in the store and they’re safe. We feel that once people are informed they can make better choices for themselves and their family.

Beautycounter also has a “NeverList” on their website that’s made up of over 1,500 harmful chemicals that they will never put in their products. This is also a great list to pull up and compare to see what’s exactly in the products that you are currently using at home.

Below is a link to my website if you want to shop with me or just browse the products from Beautycounter. We have everything from skin care, make up, baby products to a full men’s line. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I can help you out! 🙂


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Posted by:Ashley Holford

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