Talk about a great midi dress. At first, I was a little skeptic on the length because I am a little shorter than the person I thought was intended for this dress. Once I put this dress on I realized that it really wasn’t a bad length and reminded me of my Pineapple dress from another previous post, here. I feel like even on the ladies shorter than 5’4″ it could be a good maxi dress.

Since this dress is more of a nautical look, I decided to keep the whole them with this fish necklace. I fell in love with this necklace a couple years ago from Ann Taylor and regret so much not getting the matching bracelet as well. Another necklace I had in mind was the floral basket from Kate Spade to add a pop of color.

This dress fits TTS. I’d have to say the first thing that drew me to this dress was this self tie “knot bow”. It is super interesting because you end up just tying a knot and then flatten the ends which will give you that “bow” effect which is super darling. No need to worry about trying to figure out what bra to wear with this dress because the bow covers it with the knot. (if tied correctly) If you love the bow and still aren’t feeling the length there is a shorter option, here, except with ombre blue stripes which is really cute as well.

I wore this dress to my sister’s graduation and was very pleased with not only how well the material did not wrinkle, but also the comfort of the dress itself.


Bow back striped dress: Kate Spade || Shoes: Ann Taylor || Jewelry: Ann Taylor (old favorite)

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