Hey everyone!

The new September collection is finally here at Kate Spade Green Hills and everything is to die for! I literally want to buy one of everything from the new collection.

Not only is this a great month for apparel at Kate Spade, it is also my birthday month so it’s just icing on the cake.

How perfect is this novelty bag. A perfume bottle??! Every month Kate Spade blows my mind with their amazing themes and ideas.

Below are some of my favorite pieces my closet would love to have.

My new favorite sweater/sweatshirt. It’s just the right weight for those cooler summer nights we may start getting.

On pointe perfume bottle crossbody

Mix it up sweatshirt

From the Aug. collection, but I love this Kate Spade boom box novelty bag and wallet. Great birthday gift! 😉

Jazz things up boom box bag

Jazz things up boom box Adelina

1. New favorite top– I am so in love with this lilac color. 2. If you look closely you will see this little dress has swans all over. So different and unique. 3. Great simple black dress with a little flare. When I picked this up initially I thought it was a top, but it turned out to be this dress.

  1. Rosette bow silk shirt and spot silk flip skirt
  2. Swan shirtdress
  3. Rosette bow shirtdress
Great flowy top with a tie bow. 👍

Spot Chiffon Ruffle top

Cocktail Hour: This dress fits like a glove and feels so amazing on.

Lace A-line dress

MUST HAVE fedora hat for fall. Don’t forget about these darling rose sweaters either!

Fedora (not listed online, but available at kate spade, Green Hills)

Rosette bow sweater

It goes together perfectly with the Corina flats!
Hawthorne Lane roses print🌹

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