…So why aren’t we supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, and society eventually adopted it as the natural endpoint for summer fashion.

One common explanation is practical. For centuries, wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool. White was for weddings and resort wear, not dinner parties in the fall. Of course it could get extremely hot in September, and wearing white might make the most sense, but if you wanted to be appropriately attired you just did not do it.


Top & Necklace: Aubree P. Boutique (located in Downtown Franklin, TN) || Pants: J. Crew || Heels: Cole Haan; similar (here) || Purse: Tory Burch; similar (here)

Not everyone followed this rule. Even some socialites continued to buck the trend, most famously Coco Chanel, who wore white year-round. But even though the rule was originally enforced by only a few hundred women, over the decades it trickled down to everyone else.

I have no problem wearing white after Labor Day. When the weather starts getting cooler, I love to wear it with cheetah prints, greys, ivory and tan. If you have a great pair of white pants, why not wear them all year round? A lot of stores are carrying the winter white which is more “acceptable” for the cooler months, but sometimes you need that crisp white pant.


**Life is too short to only wear white three months out of the year.  

Ultimately, the trendiest way to be trendy is to not be trendy at all.

What’s your thought on this whole situation??

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