Still trying to find a last minute costume? If you are like me you’ve waited until the last minute to look for a costume then when you go out and try to find one at a store they’re all picked over.


After searching some costumes on Pinterest I became motivated to make my own. This entire costume cost me less than $30 and it only took me about an 1 hr to 1 1/2 to make (minus all the drying time from the spray paint.)
I’m going to show you how simple it was to make this costume.

Here is what you will need:

1- white lamp shade (8x17x11) or whichever fits

Tight black dress

2- small cans of gold spray paint or 1 large can

1 ½ yards of black 4” fringe if you cannot find black fringe you can always buy white and spray paint it black

Black fishnet tights

Black heels

Hot glue gun


Gold Ribbon


Step One: Cutting out the top rim off the lamp. This was by far the most difficult part of the costume and time consuming. You need really strong scissors or an exact-o-knife to cut this out since it’s glued in and wrapped around. After you have cut the rim off the lamp, open the back part of the lamp which is glued together (so that you can actually get the lamp up on your waist) if you choose to go with a different lamp you may not have to do this.

Step Two: Spray paint the lamp gold (wait a couple of hours)

Step Three: If you could not find black fringe like me you may have to buy another color and spray paint it black. (If you got lucky and found black fringe skip this step)

Step Four: Hot glue the fringe to the bottom of the lamp and the gold ribbon to the top of the lamp which will create a belt to keep the lamp closed in the back.

Presto! You now are the Christmas Story leg lamp!

**If you decide to re-create this look on Halloween, I would love to see! If you post a photo, use the hashtag #pleatsscallopedlace

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32 replies on “Last minute DIY Halloween costume- Leg Lamp

    1. I only sat down once that night when we went out to eat, but when I did, I just slid the lamp up to my bustline and sat. I couldn’t lean back in the chair which was fine temporarily.


  1. Hi Ashley! How did you put it back together? Glue? Ribbon? I’m am trying to do this costume and bought some lampshades today but didn’t think about how to make it ‘stay’ on all night.

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    1. Hi Alexandra,
      I left the back split to that bottom ring, that way I can get it off and on. I just hot glued the gold ribbon around the top waist part and tied it in a bow where the back of the opening is. I had no problems with it flapping open since the lamp shade was pretty sturdy. Hope this helps!


  2. I made it! Everyone loved it! I was so proud of my Diy skills 🙂 I did things a little different though to save time and money. I bought the same lampshade but at Wal-M for cheaper and I just bought a gold lampshade instead of buying spray paint. It looked just as good except for cheaper and less time consuming. I want to upload a picture but I don’t know how:(


  3. Hi Ashley!
    I’m wondering where you bought the lamp shade? I’ve been looking all over and it’s difficult to find the size you used. Is it possible for you to send me a link to where you bought it? I know this was a few years ago but I really would like to do this costume this year!


    1. I don’t have the link unfortunately, the only thing I can recommend is to go to a Target and show them the barcode on the picture to see if they still carry that item. I’m sure they would, since it’s something they have Year around. The brand and size are on there as well.


  4. I’m having trouble finding a spray paint color that looks good. In your photos it looks like you used colored hair spray, is that right? What brand and color and where did you buy it? Thanks!


    1. I think it was by Star Galaxy. I zoomed in to read the name. It’s from Target and it was just gold. I would also check Michael’s. They may have a better selection in spray paint that stays on better. Mine kind of rubbed onto things throughout the night.


  5. Borrowing your idea for a party! Can you tell me where your fishnets are from? The wider spaced ones look like a unique shape (argyle?)…. would love to find them!!



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