Hey everyone! As you know it’s almost that time to either start getting those creative juices flowing or having some kind of costume in mind. Last year I started making my own costume and I was the Leg Lamp from a Christmas Story. That costume was a hit and super simple to make.

This year I am going to be POPCORN, *excited face* not only is it one of my favorite snacks it is also very addicting. Every time I go to the movies or football games I ALWAYS have to stop at the concession stands to get this yummy treat!

To make this costume you will need the following:

  • Red and white vertical stripe dress (there are a few here)
  • Red and white vertical fabric (if you choose to make your own, found here and here )
  • White crop top tee (here)
  • White computer paper (LOTS!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Scissors

Steps to create this fun look:

  1. Have a red and white striped dress.. ✔️
  2. To make the “popcorn” turn the paper horizontal; you can either use scissors or tear the paper in half. Fold in the corners and lightly crumple to create a “popped” look
  3. Glue all the “popcorn” looking pieces on your top
  4. After you have a good amount of popcorn pieces, spray paint them, lightly, with yellow paint. Since popcorn is never all buttery like we wish it was 
  5. For me, my next step was for my husband to make a pattern, cut, and sew my dress together (I truly have the best husband EVER, thanks!)
  6. Now you are finished! If you choose to create other accessories, like a handbag you can do that too. I saw a cute one that would be perfect for this outfit here.


** Side note: This top is extremely difficult to get off if your crop top is rather fitted like mine. To make this a little easier to get off I made a slit in the back about half way so I could pull it off. Another option I was thinking is slitting the whole back and putting ribbon at the top of the neck and at the bottom and tie them in a bow.



Red and white dress: here || Crop top: Shirtspace|| Shoes: Kate Spade

Thanks for viewing my blog!

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