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It’s almost that favorite time again! I love making Halloween costumes or any other type of craft projects. I am really excited to create this taco costume. So let’s taco bout it!If you aren’t too keen on being a taco this year, maybe the ones from the past two years may interest you, here (popcorn) and here (leg lamp).Let’s get started! 

To make this costume, you will need the following: 

  • Brown Dress (here, here, or here)
  • Felt (9″ x 12″ basic felt)
    • green- 3 pieces
    • red- 2 pieces
    • yellow- 2 pieces
    • white- 2 pieces 

  • Upholstery Foam *If you plan on trying to find it in store, try size: ( 0.5″ x 24″ x 72″)

  • Yellow Spray paint
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Scissors

Steps to create this fun look: 

  1. Start by cutting out your toppings: green felt- cut out lettuce shapes; yellow felt- cut rectangular strips for cheese; red felt- cut circle or half circle shapes for tomatoes; white felt- cut out about 2 x 2 size squares
  2. For the green felt, crumble the felt in your hand until its wrinkled to create a “lettuce” look, position and hot glue onto your dress
  3. For the yellow felt, sprinkle all over your dress and hot glue into place like you would for a normal taco
  4. For the red felt, scatter the tomatoes and glue to position
  5. For the white felt, fold, and hot glue the edges together to make the “dab” of sour cream look
  6. Make sure everything is glued down and your dress is complete!
  7. For the taco shell, take your upholstery foam and mark on you how big it needs to be. Cut out a long oval shape. Drape around your body and mark where the armholes need to go. Cut out circles for the armholes.
  8. Spray paint the piece of foam yellow and wait until it completely dries to until you try it on.


Toppings: Michaels, coupon found here || Dress: here or here|| Taco Shell: here or here || Shoes: Kate Spade glitter keds || Taco Bag: optional, here||

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