Hey, guys!

We’ve finally hit my favorite season! It’s taking me a little bit to come up with something for y’all, but it’s here and I’m hoping you all enjoy it. If a sexy power ranger isn’t your style this year, feel free to browse the other costumes from the past: Leg Lamp; Taco; Popcorn.

Let’s get started. To make this costume, you will need the following items:


  • Long sleeve mock neck bodysuit or full bodysuit (Amazon)
  • White felt (Michael’s)
  • White boots (here)
  • 2″ White ribbon (Michael’s)
  • Your bodysuit’s color glitter paper (Michael’s)
  • Nude tights (Amazon)
  • Power Rangers belt (print out here)
  • White “hero” gauntlet gloves (We bought these and covered the diamonds with the color we were)

Essentials needed around the house:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Glitter nail polish (silver, gold, black)
  • Cardboard
  • Computer paper

Let’s begin:

  1. Once you’ve received your bodysuit you want to map out the size of the diamonds. I did this with computer paper because I didn’t want to waste my felt.

2. Once you’ve got the sizing, cut the diamonds out of the computer paper and trace them onto the felt. Cut them out and place accordingly. (Measuring how far they should be from the belt).

3. Next, I printed the belt buckle out on computer paper and hot glued it to the cardboard. I just used the cardboard from a box I received in the mail.

I found old nail polish from my college days to jazz up the belt more. I was thinking about buying gold glitter nail polish for the gold part to make it more sparkly.

4. Once that’s finished, you can measure the ribbon and glue it on your waist, you can tie the back or use velcro to stick it back together. I personally wanted to use Velcro, but gluing it to ribbon was quicker.

5. Now to work on the boots! You are going to draw long narrow diamonds to glue on the boots. We used the same size diamonds that were on the gloves because it was easier and it actually was the perfect size.

PRESTO! You’re a Power Ranger 💥

Thanks for viewing my blog!


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